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Aiming for the development of Iga region, at Mie University we research the History and Culture of the ninja and spread the information about the results of our research.



(Student’s essay)Welcome to our Ninja blogs ! (Senku/仙空)


Thank you for visiting our website.
My name is Senku(仙空 ninja name).
I’m a first year student in a master’s degree’s course at the Faculty of Humanities,Law and Economy, Mie University.

Our research is based on ancient documents about Ninja throughout history.

Anyway you guys must be Ninja fans or at least interested in them, right?
What made you like Ninja?

In my case, it was definitely a character from Nintama Rantarou .
Nintama Rantarou is a very famous anime for kids about Ninja .
The anime airs everyday on weekdays and has been going on for the last 28 years.

Nintama Rantarou, while aimed at a young public, is based on the Ninjutsu-sho, a book about Ninjutsu.
The original manga is called Rakudai Ninja Rantarou.
All of the Ninjutsu featured in it are based on existing techniques from the Ninjutsu-sho.
So if you want to know about Ninjutsu and if you can read Japanese, I highly recommend the manga Rakudai Ninja Rantarou.

As I grew up, I stopped watching Nintama Rantarou.
But 3 years ago, I randomly saw it and discovered a new cool character.

His name is Senzo-Tachibana(立花 仙蔵).
He is always calm and collected, proficient with firearms, and has beautiful hair.
He is exactly my type of man and he changed my life !

I wanted to know about him, so I started to attend classes at a Ninjutsu dojo and tried Yabusame (horse riding archery) .
Eventually I enrolled at Mie University(Mie university is the only educational institution that offers a curriculum based on the study of Ninja).
I was a full time employee at Tokyo but I changed to a part time employee at the same firm.
All of the Ninja classes are held on Thursday, so I go to Mie from Tokyo (it takes more than 4 hours for a single trip) every Thursday.
Now you know how much I like Senzo-Tachibana.

But because of the Corona virus , all of the classes are held online now.
I hope things get better soon.

I’ll write this blog in English every 3 weeks.
The Next blog will be titled ‘Did Ninja really exist?’.
See you then !