International Ninja Research Center

Aiming for the development of Iga region, at Mie University we research the History and Culture of the ninja and spread the information about the results of our research.


About Regional Satellite Campus Network

The system of Regional Satellites is aimed to supply the practical application of the results of educational activities and research conducted in Mie University, thus playing a role in the revitalization of the regions. That’s why the Satellites carry on versatile activities regarding the whole territory of Mie Prefecture as a field for education activities and research.

Iga Regional Satellite Campus

Area of activity
Iga city,Nabari city

Hokusei Regional Satellite Campus

Area of activity
Kuwana city, Inabe city, Yokkaichi city and the towns of Kisosaki, Toin, Komono, Asahi and Kawagoe

Higashi-Kishu Regional Satellite Campus

Area of activity
Owase-city, Kumano-city, the towns of Odai, Taiki, Kihoku, Mihama and Kiho
The main objectives of Higashi-Kishu Satellite Campus
Gaining wealth from the resources of the Region and supporting the children to grow into strong individuals
Specific activities
Education in isolated districts, cooperation with the firms specializing in aquatic organisms breeding and processing, the application of forest and tourist resources.

Ise-Shima Regional Satellite Campus

Area of activity
Ise city, Toba city, Shima city, the towns of Tamaki, Watarai and Minami-Ise

The Regional Satellite Campus Network consists of four Regional Satellites. These are Hokusei Regional Satellite Campus, Iga Regional Satellite Campus, Ise-Shima Regional Satellite Campus and Higashi-Kishu Regional Satellite Campus. The activities of Iga Regional Satellite Campus spread on large span of subjects: along with the research of Ninja History and Culture, the Satellite collaborates with local pharmaceuticals industry and studies the methods of rational application of forest resources. It consists of Iga Community-based Research Insitiute (伊賀研究拠点) and Iga Cooperation Field (Co-founded by Mie University Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Ueno Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Iga city). The International Ninja Research center is a part of Iga Cooperation Field.

About the International Ninja Research Center

The International Ninja Research Center is aimed at pushing ahead the educational activities and research connected with the ninja (primarily focusing on the Iga region) and dispatching the results of the above mentioned research inside and outside of Japan, thus functioning as an international center of ninja research and contributing to the revitalization of the Iga region.

In particular, we are working on compiling the database of historical sources connected to the Ninja and the research of such sources. Sometimes, in collaboration with the experts in different realms of science, we also make the experiments recreating the items described in the ancient ninja manuals and test their effectiveness.

(1)The activities aimed on Academic and interdisciplinary research of the subjects connected with ninja
(2)The education based on ninja research
(3)Spreading and exchanging the Academic information about the Ninja

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